Table of Contents

Road to version 0.5.2 and upcoming

The following new features are planned for future releases:

  • Quick-Outline
  • Own 4GL project type
  • Context menu enhancements (refactoring)
  • Code navigation support (such as "f3 open declaration")

Version 0.5.1

.: 10.2019 :.

The following new feature is planned for this release:

Version 0.5.0

.: 09.2019 :.

The following new feature has been added for this release:

Version 0.4.9

.: 06.2019 :.

Fixes compatibility issues with the latest versions of the Eclipse IDE.

Version 0.4.8

.: 05.2015 :.

Fixed an issue where ...

  • Unless on the same line a Globals include statement wouldn't display in the outline tab of
    the IBM/Informix 4GL Development perspective in Eclipse.

Version 0.4.7

.: 04.2015 :.

Resolves the following issues:

  • Functions are parsed as local globals
  • Content assistant keyword proposal fails after opening parantheses
  • Global Keywords color defined in preferences is not applied in workspace
  • Content assistant keyword conversion should also apply to templates
  • Editor cursor position does not display line/colum numbers in status bar
  • Function rendering with arguments line breaked / multiline argument list
  • Eclipse 4 Compatibility
  • Missing Keywords

Version 0.4.6

.: 09.2009 :.

Initial release of the Eclipse4GL Plug-In.