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Version 0.4.9

To display the Eclipse4GL preferences dialog

  • in Eclipse select Window > Preferences
  • select Eclipse4GL

General Settings

Automatic Keyword Conversion

Automatic keyword conversion allows you to convert keywords to lower or upper case respectively while working on your code.

To lower case

Check if you prefer lower case keywords.

This will also display keywords and template proposals in the content proposal list in lower case.

Click Apply/Apply and Close.


Check if you prefer upper case keywords.

This will also display keywords and template proposals in the content proposal list in UPPER CASE

Click Apply/Apply and Close.

Show Line Number Rulers in Source Code Editor

Checked by default. Uncheck to hide Line Number Rulers in the Source Code Editor.

Tab Size in Source Code Editor

This option lets you set a default tab value to indent lines

  • when pressing the tab key
  • to apply code formatting to template snippets

The tab unit is based on a character width, and you can change it on the fly by pressing Apply.

Syntax Highlighting

These options allow you to set custom colors for Syntax Highlighting.

Applying syntax highlighting

To apply changes you have to close and relaunch the Eclipse IDE.

Learn More

To learn more about how to apply Eclipse4GL settings, please refer to the User Guide.

Version 0.5.0 Preview

 Click here to expand...

General Settings

For Automatic Keyword Conversion, Show Line Number Rulers in Source Editor, and Tab Size in Source Code Editor please refer to the General Settings section of Version 0.4.9.

Apply User Template Extensions on Source Code Assist

If checked adds a header template (from the Code Template preferences) when applying code assist.

The header template will also be added to the project file.

Code Templates

Code template additions and adjustments

4GL Feature Set

Displays the complete scope of 4GL functions. Elements for which a code template has been added are marked using an asterisk (*).

Edit Code Template Header:

After selecting a 4GL function allows the user to add (e.g. copy & paste) a new or edit an existing custom code template header.

Preview Code Template Pattern:

Displays a non-editable preview of the custom code template header.

Syntax Highlighting

See Syntax Highlighting in the User Guide section to learn more on how to apply source code coloring.