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You can apply a "User Template Extension" on "Source Code Assist" by pre-defining a header, which will be inserted before the actual keyword (code template)
when using Content Assistant Keyword Proposal functionality.


To apply a individual header text can be can be added to any provided keyword template:

  1. In the Eclipse IBM/Informix 4GL Development perspective open a file.
  2. In Eclipse go to Window > Preferences >Eclipse4GL > Code Templates.
  3. Choose a provided keyword from the upper list.
  4. Enter a text (usually a comment) in the middle area edit section.
  5. Click Apply / Apply and Close.

titleActivate option in preferences

Make sure you have activated "Apply User Template Extensions on Source Code Assist" in Preferences if you want to use them by deafult.

Example of a keyword code template header extension while using Content Assistant Keyword ProposalAuto Completion ...