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.: Why does the Install button not work when I drap and drop it to my Eclipse workspace?

Please check, if the Eclipse Marketplace Client (MPC) is part of your Eclipse IDE installation. You can find more information about the Eclipse MPC here.

.: How do I access the features of Content Assist and Global Include Direct Access?

You can access the content assistant by pressing CTRL(STRG) + SPACE after you typed some letters or words; or by pressing CTRL(STRG) + SPACE immediately, then starting to type.
Code templates for functions etc. are marked with the keyword – Template. Global includes are currently not accessible through content assist, but will be available in one of our next releases.

titleYou can find out more by clicking the links below

? Content Assist

? Global Includes Direct Access

.: Is the auto-completion list editable?

Not at the moment. In future releases, we will add a feature to allow the current list to be extended with custom keywords or templates.

.: Which features does the Project File Explorer have that are different from the regular Project Explorer?

The Project File Explorer of the Eclipse4GL Plug-In is a special configuration. There are preconfigured filters like hiding *.c files or other binaries. In upcoming releases we will add more features to this explorer including a special project type for 4GL projects or interactions between code editor, context menus etc.

.: Do you provide dependencies between .4gl files (modules) in order to support auto-completion to suggest functions and global variables?

Dependencies will be available in one of our upcoming releases. We also have plans regarding the build process, makefile support and more.

.: Are you planning to make this project open-source?

At this time we don't have any plans to make the plug-in open-source.