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You can apply a "Use File-Templates" when creating "New Files" by pre-defining a header, which will be inserted at the beginning of a file
each time you create a new one 
when using the "file create new" functionality in the "IBM/Informix 4GL Development" perpective.

To apply a individual header, text can be can be added to any provided keyword template:

  1. In the Eclipse IBM/Informix 4GL Development perspective open a file.
  2. In Eclipse go to Window > Preferences >Eclipse4GL > File Templates.
  3. Choose a provided file type from the upper list.
  4. Enter a text (usually a comment) in the edit section.
  5. Click Apply / Apply and Close.

Activate option in preferences

Make sure you have activated "Use File-Templates when creating New Files" in Preferences if you want to use them by deafult.

Example of a keyword code template header extension after using the file new crreation functionality ...

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