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The Eclipse 4GL Plug-In is developed in Java by CHILIBYTES for the Eclipse IDE v3 and higher.

Similar to plug-ins for PHP and JavaScript, it allows convenient editing of 4GL source code files.

Among other features, Eclipse 4GL offers:
Syntax Highlighting
Code Folding
Auto Completion
Global Includes Direct Access


.: Benefits

Simple and fast code editing directly from inside the IDE. Multiple developers can work on the same projects.
Complete versioning support in the IDE provided by the plug-in.

.: Latest Version


.: Changelog/Roadmap

.: Technical Information

Operating systems: aix, hpux, linux, macosx, qnx, solaris, win32

Window systems: carbon, gtk, motif, photon, win32, wpf

Language support: de, de-DE, en, en-EN

Architecture: ia64, ia64_32, PA_RISC, ppc, sparc, x86, x86_64