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The Eclipse 4GL Plug-In is developed in Java by CHILIBYTES GmbH for the Eclipse IDE v4 and higher.

Similar to plug-ins for PHP and JavaScript, it allows convenient editing of 4GL source code files.

Among other features, the Eclipse4GL Plug-In offers:

Syntax Highlighting


Code Folding

Auto Completion


Global Includes Direct Access

BenefitsSimple and fast code editing directly from inside the IDE. Multiple developers can work on the same projects.
Complete versioning support in the IDE provided by the plug-in.
Technical Information

Operating systems: aix, hpux, linux, macosx, qnx, solaris, win32

Window systems: carbon, gtk, motif, photon, win32, wpf

Language support: de, de-DE, en, en-EN

Architecture: ia64, ia64_32, PA_RISC, ppc, sparc, x86, x86_64

Latest Versionv0.5.2.x / Changelog/Roadmap
Upcoming Versionv0.5.3.x with Java SE 13 support. See: Changelog/Roadmap

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